Don’t tell me how the universe is altered, when you find out how he gets paid, alright?

Soooo, a bit to catch up on with regards the ol’ book quest.

Historically, but not brilliantly, I had my first official rejection by an agent t’other day. I’m sure there will be many more to come.

But positively, the first book is now done (for now) as far as I’m concerned so I can (a) start on the next one (which is MUCH better) and (b) I can send some more gumf out to publishers and agents.

Common to me throughout my working life is the fact that I now pretty much dilsike what I’ve done so far. There are some nice bits and pieces in there but I basically want to redraw the whole thing again now. Maybe someone will buy the text anyway, or buy the text and give me time to redraw it.

I think it’s mainly the colouring style – I was going deliberately for bold and primary but I just think it’s a tad too much. Ah well, live and learn.

As I say, I always hate whatever I’ve done as soon as I’ve done it anyway… But, if anyone wishes to have a look I’ve attached (I think – still new to all this blog stuff. Ralph – you may get a call if it doesn’t work…) the storybook here. Shareware and all that. So if anyone is, or knows, a publisher – check it out and sign me up. Beg, grovel etc…

But, yeah, on to the next book, which I am much happier with (for now anyway…)…



2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me how the universe is altered, when you find out how he gets paid, alright?

  1. Love it! I’ll print it off and get T to do a brief review, which I will transcribe here for you…

  2. Have just read Flood – it is brilliant David – how very talented you are. Daisy looks good too!

    Don’t ever give up on

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