I’d sell a giraffe and I’d give you half, just to occupy my mind.

Man, I’m getting prolific.

Daisy stuff below. A little departure artistically speaking from the first ‘un. The backgrounds are essentially a tribute to wonderful Namibia, as are the animals really.

I can draw people by the way, it’s just, why bother when animals have claws and wings and other cool stuff?

So, this a close to close mock up of a page from the new work in progress. I’m pondering making the text a bit snaky and unusual but equally, may stick with this vaguely legible style. Unlike Flood! all the pages are planned as double spreads so that’s affected the layout too.

Yeah, I know, yawn…

By the way – 40% turn out – shame on you, UK. Right result though for what its worth…

For those who didn’t vote, you now have no right to complain about cuts, pensions, coalitions etc. Perhaps you might be happier moving to Syria, Libya etc. where you don’t have to worry about free elections or democracy – plus, some of those fighting for such basic human rights can take your place here.

'Daisy' WIP page


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