And it sounds hero incredible, Sound that makes the headphones edible

Okay, the disciplined life of an ‘artist’ baby.

As well as working on the books, I’m also ‘developing’ as an artist. Which can only be good for landscape and art stuff really.

Central to this is a bit of an inspiration from my new hero (of the week) Goro Fujita

As well as being just upsettingly good, he has a bunch of stuff about speedpainting using photoshop etc. Now, I’m utterly embracing digital rendering etc but I generally on do a lot of flat shading etc and will tend to do ‘paintings’ as ‘paintings’ y’know. But I, like he, am initially flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted) by what you can do when ‘painting’ in photoshop.

Anyhoo, Goro has a routine of doing some speedpaintings to practice and learn. This tutorial page is of massive help and insight into the process Recommended for any p’shop renderers etc (Mr Harries, one for you…).

So, I’m doing this. Results so far are not going up on the site – no way. But hopefully some good stuff will happen soon. It’s actually inspired a new book idea which is all about landscape and nature and losing some of our connections to nature through our reliance on technology…I know, I’m so light and kid friendly…

Anyway, Goro, I love you…

Also, amused by this as a tool for kicking off my warm up sketches each morning a random character generator. No talking Giraffes have popped up yet, thankfully…

I lied, 5 mins test image…hmmm…

test #1


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