To paint and sketch, I’m starting to fail to be impressed

Speedy painty tree… I’m pretty pleased with this as a quick practice while E has her afternoon nap.

I am still kind of amazed by how ‘brushy’ some of the brushes are. It feel a bit weird to regard p’shop etc as non-cheating art. But, really, is it not just a new type of art? I don’t think there is anything less valid or ‘true’ about something produced fully electronically using the available tools or something painted ‘for real’. Good art is good art.

Were renaissance oil painting considered any less worthy than those daubed on a wall using berries and animal bits? Technology always moves on.

Anyway, I realise I’m debating where no debate is required or asked for. Just sort of getting my head around where this ‘new’ media could take my stuff. Ambition growing – hopefully skills will catch up and keep up.

Back to the books tomorrow. The challenge is now to keep Daisy looking how it should look (as I think the style is right for the story) despite my juvenile excitement about all things painterly.

Practice makes competent


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