martyrs don’t do much for me, though I enjoy them vicariously

It is a new era, a new age of exposure. Yes, there is no D has passed 300 viewers! To be fair, it’s probably the same 8 people looking at it a lot, and some will be me while I was working out how to log in etc. But still.

Whilst (I profess as much anyway) never convinced by ‘personality tests’ I came across this on Stewart Lee’s My Space page – and if it is good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

Annoyingly, I was the Hulk, which is a bit of a blow. Although I think they take ‘intelligent geek’ to include Bruce Banner traits also, so maybe not so bad. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be Spidey really. Which Stu is apparently, although I bet he fibbed it to appear as such on his page.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, todays pic is a bit of character design sketchies from ‘Daisy’. Hyenas. This one, is called Stu the Hyena as they are all ‘comedians’ in the story (laughing, geddit) and one is named after the wonderful Stew. Mainly named after him as I recall from ‘fist of fun’ that he deeply hates stories in which animals are given cute humanistic traits in order to illustrate a simple moral conceit. At least for comedic effect.

So, here IS Stew, himself turned into an anthropomorphised animal for the sake of illustrating a simple moral conceit. Ha! Take that Spidey faker.

We’re off to see him next week at the South Bank, t’will be cool! As another aside, one of the best things Stewart Lee ever did was to give ‘Glimmer’ by Kevin Salem a good review in the Times music pages. Wonderful album – buy it if you can, and anything else by the man (Kevin Salem, not ‘the man’ y’know. Never buy anything by ‘the man’). Come back Kevin – I still remember you…

howling at the moon (on a stick)


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