Random like a bad cartoon

I know, I know – repeating stuff…

But, I’ve posted this as I’m going to talk about how ‘Daisy’ is being put together.

Rather than draw single pics like usual I’m trying a  process more akin to old style cell animations. Essentially I’m sorting the background scenes and I’m then producing separate files/drawings for the characters and things that are needed to populate the story. The advantage is, obviously, that I’m not back to square one if I make a mistake anywhere and I can also tweak scales and positions and relationships of the characters as I see fit.

It seems to be going quite well so far. One of the things I’m doing to keep things neat and consistent colour wise etc is to put all the character into single sheets from which I can cherry pick poses and so forth. So, having posted a single hyena, here is an example of a finished sheet. It’s turning out that there are a lot of these needed for Daisy which only makes me think how incredibly impressive/onerous the work of animators must be.

One of my biggest ‘heros’ drawing wise has always been Chuck Jones of Looney Toons etc. and it’s kind of mind blowing when you look back at all those cartoons and realise every single one onlyhad a director and probably five or six animators. And that’s all folks…

Look at the reams of animators and fiddlywhats involved in even the ropiest animation today and marvel at the volume and quality of what they produced with such tight little teams. The word genius is massively overused but I think, in their case, warranted. Brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Random like a bad cartoon

  1. This model sheet is quite nice, but I’m partial to hyenas. I also like that she’s female. There aren’t enough female cartoon characters out there.

    • Many thanks for the kindly feedback. I’m generally writing stuff for kids and there are some decent female characters out there, but I would say there’s maybe a bit too much of the ballerina/princess/fairy stuff about. Nice to keep it balanced.

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