anything that systematic would get you hated

Recycling a gag I came up with about 15 years ago when drawing greetings cards – and nobody wanted to buy it back then… Ach well, I think it’s funny.

As an aside, if you work in HR, or know someone who works in HR, would you please at least manage to comprehend the FACT (for it is a fact) that the ‘H’ in YOUR JOB TITLE(!!) is pronounced ‘aitch’ and not ‘haitch’. Also just as a handy crib note for every general idiot and moron that didn’t listen in school (yes dad…).

Honestly, it’s like the end of civilisation sometimes…

For example, I am aware – and almost all of my former colleagues and workmates are aware – that architect is pronounced ar-kee-tekt and not ar-chee-tekt. HR is easier to say than that.

Happy sunday!


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