Workin’ for the boss every night and day…

Weeeeeell, heloo there.

That was the week that was…

Basically have just been a Landscape Architect for 12hrs or so a day and then an illustrator by early morning/night. Bit tired…
The girls have been on hols all week so I have been a right old workaholic, which is DEEPLY unlike me.

Anyway, it’s been pretty cool doing my first bit of ‘commercial’ cartooning. Basically a load of drawings for some ‘what we do’ sheets for the various departments of a big firm. Lots of practice at drawing FAST. Not my ‘best’ work due to speed requirements, and the need to be clear as a presentation slide, but I’m really pleased with the end results.

I won’t show the full things as they are being used by the company in question, obviously, but here are some unused drawings, extracts etc.

Anyway, back to just one full time job next week – so hopefully will get on to finish ‘Daisy’soon. Thanks to all who’ve checked out my internet publishing venture – totally non-profit I stress. I should have some stuff on Amazon soon – this self-publishing lark is quite enjoyable. Although I will return to what was supposed to be the thread of this blog soon – getting a deal.

Also, have rediscovered how awesome the ‘Stones are this week. Alternating Keef and co. with Mould, Buffalo Tom and Greg Dulli. Lovely – not sure the neighbours enjoyed it as much…

At least it wasn’t the Meat Puppets eh?


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