What did you find hidden in your mind’s deep recess?

Continuing the Buffalo Tom references – it’s a big red letter day.

Daisy – the artwork – is done. Fina-bloody-lly (does that work as a word split hyphenation thing? Does it class this post as ‘mature’? Or even less ‘mature’ than normal).

Am trying to finish the words at the moment. I have learnt many things from Flood! and the biggest one is that it was waaaay too long for a picture book. So sorry to all four people in the world who bought a copy – it’s a bitch to read I know.

One day I will return to it and apply my new-found facility for brutal self editing.

For now, the words are close but will be edited and re-edited until they are right. In the meantime, I’ve been resting my brain between the elephant page and the tortoise page and doing some of my usual scribbles and things.


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