don’t wanna sound defeatist but we’re the ’complete-est’

So, it is now done. Daisy.

This frankly sisyphean labour is now complete. Stuff attached.

True to standard form, it’ll be on Blurb and Create Space (Amazon) fairly soon – if only so I can have a nice printed copy for ‘marketing’ purposes. Because now the hard work begins – selling the flipping thing.

Which takes me back to the professed purpose of this whole blog – selling a book.

To be honest, it’s become a bit more than that. It’s been about finding a bit of confidence again in my ‘art’, having fun making some stories up, learning a hell of a lot about how much craft and skill is needed to make one of these books and maybe, just maybe finding a bit of a happier and more rewarding way to make a living.

Or just a way to fill in the days when I’m not doing LA stuff…

To be continued…


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