Crisis of faith and crisis in the Kremlin

Life eh?

I’m aware I’ve not really been ‘telling the story’ of selling my story. I’ll be honest, it’s been a bit of a case of not wanting to ask the question in case you don’t like the answer…

I’m ready for lots of inevitable rejections but (a) they still frustrate and (b) still knock you a bit. Until I’m actually published or agented up I don’t really feel validated as an ‘artist’. So, you always wonder am/is I/this/it good enough? Plus, I need to earn some money, obviously, and it’s a hell of a lot easier and lucrative to be a landscape architect at the moment.

Lucrative, and landscape architect. Two things one rarely puts together…

Anyway, I HAVE sent the Daisy script to two publishers and one agent. I also have two further copies of Daisy to send off tomorrow on my way out for beers.

Probably they won’t pick it up but I am finally trying. And will keep doing so. And I will update on progress here as promised. I think it’s a good book, definitely better than some I’ve seen. Someone will pick it up, sometime. If not, E likes it, and that’s the main thing.

I’m also getting ready to gig as an illustrator a bit more but, again, have had a bit of a crisis of confidence. But, yesterday I sat and put all my half decent stuff together and – you know what? – it’s half decent.

So, today I will be asking lots of people lots of questions, and I may not like the answers, but what have I got t’ be scared of eh? As I so often say, beats working for a living…


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