That I cannot read and I probably should ignore

Yeah, so.

Not much positive to report. Nothing heard as yet from the 5 publishers approached. Nothing yet from the one literary agency tried out. Nothing is at least not ‘no’ I guess…

As to illustration, had a few sample packs sent out and had two very quick (upsettingly very quick to be honest) ‘no’ replies. Actually, one was a stock ‘no’ and the other guy was nice enough to do some proper comments – some of which were really useful. So thankyou to him.

The main point was that it seemed I haven’t yet quite found my style. Which I kind of agree with and kind of knew but I’m sort of hoping to get there ‘on the job’ so to speak. But I did get some kind words on a few of the things I sent which is at least suggests I can cut it professionally.

Anyway, I’m sort of reaching for a scruffy but not too shabbily ameateurish style at the moment and I am definitely getting there. The attached is one of a few test pieces I’ve been splattering out and is somewhat suggestive of where I’m heading (hopefully).



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