Fireworks exploding in the distance

Okay, you may – or may not – have noticed a slightly busier TIND (as only I still call it…) recently?

All really because I’ve been trying to put together a more ‘proper’ site and it occured to me that I need to fill it with actual finished drawings and not the usual half-baked imaginings I do here.

Anyway, it’s just about there – still some tweakies to do and some more images to add, but do please check it out:

I am multi-platform! (I think…Ralphie may well correct me on terminology).

And for tomorrow – stay safe peeps. And dry if you can…


One thought on “Fireworks exploding in the distance

  1. Lookin’ good D. Not sure you’re “multiplatform” in the industry-conventional sense, but having a posh site and a fun one probably makes you “multi site”, or more commonly in today’s socio-political arena, you have a “second home”.

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