Conductor says we’ll save them for another rainy day

I am aware there’s a pattern emerging here. TIND is fast becoming a case of me going ‘oops, haven’t done anything – here’s some junk to fill in time’.

The good is that I am of course exceedingly busy. Not only as a Larchitect (my wordular invention) – which fills my days – but also as a pop of two – which fills the rest.

Books and illustrations are fitted in here and there and, one day, I have a glut of stuff I actually really like that I just need to finish. May well just ransack the sketchbook soon for some WIP stuff.

In the meantime, oops, haven’t done anything – here’s some junk to fill in time.

Seriously (and I get also that as soon as you have to say ‘seriously’ after you’ve said something that is notionally funny it means that (a) it wasn’t funny or (b) it wasn’t really supposed to be funny. But hey, who cares right?) though, I do manage to do the occasional bit of ‘fun’ here and there. One of the things I have occasionally pitched in on are the various design challenges thrown up on – where I have a page as well.

Many will spend a lot of time and skill on theirs, whereas I tend to dash something out in half a lunch hour. Let’s just say I haven’t been even in the ballpark with regards winning stuff but a few people like it and it keeps the brain ticking. All of which is pre-amble to a few of my things from the last few months.

These were from competitions for ‘Design a cute monster T-shirt’, ‘Do an 8-bit graphics T-shirt’ and the current typography based ‘Original Quote’ challenge. I admit, the 8-bit ones are baaaad but I’m quite pleased with one or two of the others…

Woah, wrote a bit much there – lunch hour over!


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