This is tiger the Lion, gimme the Knuckles of Frisco

Anyway, failed the one-a-week stipulation again, by a long way. I only had one darn rule and I keeps a breakin’ it.

So, in the interim, much to irritate, excite and amuse. Probably meaning that – in the way if you don’t see someone for long enough you can’t think of anything you’ve done in the interim – I’ll completely forgo some incredibly entertaining writing in favour of this sort of aimless waffle.


Minor non-work work update. There are new stories written and being written and they’re actually quite good so round – what, three? – (okay) three of my battle for recognition will sooon begin. I have pics of these things in progress too but just not the time to finish anything off. So in the meantime these tales may be submitted to the world in word only, pics to follow if anyone likes them enough to pay me for it…

What I do have is one just finished test piece for one of them, setting up colours etc. Don’t worry, it does have a happy ending but you’ll all have to wait and see how…

Anyway, inevitable rant about Olympics sure to follow soon, so until then – nanoo nanoo.


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