We need to make some changes

Not the most exciting of lyric titles but (a) it’s a Sugar song – so cool (b) as I’m breaking all my (well, one) other TIND rules I’ll forgo the Hip lyrics for one day and (c) it’s Bob Mould – so cool.

Just a small example of why I never finish stuff. Tiger pic, yes happy, fine, looking nice. Move on move on!

No, didn’t like the little Tiger’s face – not in an argument in a  pub kind of a way. Just hadn’t drawn it right.

Mark 2 attached as an insight into the drawn out creative angst I deal with EVERY FRICKIN’ DAY! I am a saint. 

By all means treat this as an informal voting thing – version ‘A’ (henceforth know as s**t-face) or version ‘B’? You decide, I will (inevitably) ignore…


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