rocks the nocturne all everglade and grey sheers

To mark the auspicious rebranding of TIND,a couple of WIP piccies.

I thought it best to change the banner as I kept thinking my ‘self portrait’ looked disturbingly like Jan Meyer from the killing…

Anyhoo, I’ve been (again) finding my style recently and am trying something a bit different with regards books in progress. No colour! Yeah, that’ll win ’em over eh?

I draw like this a lot when it’s not ‘serious’ and I nearly always prefer my non-proper stuff to finished pieces. So, why not have the confidence to draw like I really draw? Plus, I’m a bit ribbish at colouring, always have been. Two birds etc.

Here therefore is one from ‘Thomas and Tiger’ and one from ‘There’s a Bear in my Garden’. Both shortly to be sent out for scrutiny/rejection/dream shattering…


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