The sweet sound of patent approval, comin’ down in powdery sparks

Oh man, that took a while…
Final tweaks to T & T took HOURS. But is now finished.

After all my gamuffin’ about not doing it in colour I did it in colour. Only for that to (re)convince me to not do it in colour. Is it any wonder it takes so long?

Anyway, I’ve blurbed it as usual so I can have a copy to read to E and F and there’s a preview linkie thing that should work below (if i can remember how to do it).

To be clear as I know this caused confusion last time out – this is not the whole book. It is a preview. So the end will be secret until (a) you are foolish enough to buy a pricey copy from Blurb (on which I make no profit or mark-up I hasten to add) or (b) some lovely publisher does the decent thing…

Meantimes, here’s colour version of a page that I did not use…


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