I only ever really wanted a break…

…I’ve been away for too long.

(Thanks to the ‘Garden for that one)

Anyway, yes, not been adding much. I shall apologise no longer – take me as you find me etc.

So, not to ramble just to add.

Basically herewith be a bit of the ‘new’ version of Thomas and Tiger (again, a sort of ‘redux’ version as I immediately dislike the old one as soon as it’s finished) and a bit of a new thing called ‘My Dad is Bad’.

Character design for this one took ages…

byes fer noo…

My Dad is Bad T and T version 2


The sweet sound of patent approval, comin’ down in powdery sparks

Oh man, that took a while…
Final tweaks to T & T took HOURS. But is now finished.

After all my gamuffin’ about not doing it in colour I did it in colour. Only for that to (re)convince me to not do it in colour. Is it any wonder it takes so long?

Anyway, I’ve blurbed it as usual so I can have a copy to read to E and F and there’s a preview linkie thing that should work below (if i can remember how to do it).

To be clear as I know this caused confusion last time out – this is not the whole book. It is a preview. So the end will be secret until (a) you are foolish enough to buy a pricey copy from Blurb (on which I make no profit or mark-up I hasten to add) or (b) some lovely publisher does the decent thing…


Meantimes, here’s colour version of a page that I did not use…

if you’re prepared, here’s what I propose to do

Yeah, daily posting!

Anyway, you know when you just think AHHHHHHH! I am an eedjit?

I just put together a submission for an agency that I know are very specific about how and what they’ll consider. Proofed it, prooofed it, prooooooofed it. Sent it.

Looked again – yup, two minor typos. Eedjit. Only very minor, and caused (I believe) by the port from word to aol format but it may just mean I’m binned before I even begin. Penny, if you’re looking at this by any chance – sorry…

Anyway, topical picture post today now the Dark Knight is rocking the suburbs again. If you don’t know which (awesome) original piece of artwork this is lampooning then you need to read more comics. Everyone needs to read more comics anyway.

Yay comics! Made me the man I am today…

and remeber kids – aways spelldcheck.

rocks the nocturne all everglade and grey sheers

To mark the auspicious rebranding of TIND,a couple of WIP piccies.

I thought it best to change the banner as I kept thinking my ‘self portrait’ looked disturbingly like Jan Meyer from the killing…

Anyhoo, I’ve been (again) finding my style recently and am trying something a bit different with regards books in progress. No colour! Yeah, that’ll win ’em over eh?

I draw like this a lot when it’s not ‘serious’ and I nearly always prefer my non-proper stuff to finished pieces. So, why not have the confidence to draw like I really draw? Plus, I’m a bit ribbish at colouring, always have been. Two birds etc.

Here therefore is one from ‘Thomas and Tiger’ and one from ‘There’s a Bear in my Garden’. Both shortly to be sent out for scrutiny/rejection/dream shattering…

We need to make some changes

Not the most exciting of lyric titles but (a) it’s a Sugar song – so cool (b) as I’m breaking all my (well, one) other TIND rules I’ll forgo the Hip lyrics for one day and (c) it’s Bob Mould – so cool.

Just a small example of why I never finish stuff. Tiger pic, yes happy, fine, looking nice. Move on move on!

No, didn’t like the little Tiger’s face – not in an argument in a  pub kind of a way. Just hadn’t drawn it right.

Mark 2 attached as an insight into the drawn out creative angst I deal with EVERY FRICKIN’ DAY! I am a saint. 

By all means treat this as an informal voting thing – version ‘A’ (henceforth know as s**t-face) or version ‘B’? You decide, I will (inevitably) ignore…

This is tiger the Lion, gimme the Knuckles of Frisco

Anyway, failed the one-a-week stipulation again, by a long way. I only had one darn rule and I keeps a breakin’ it.

So, in the interim, much to irritate, excite and amuse. Probably meaning that – in the way if you don’t see someone for long enough you can’t think of anything you’ve done in the interim – I’ll completely forgo some incredibly entertaining writing in favour of this sort of aimless waffle.


Minor non-work work update. There are new stories written and being written and they’re actually quite good so round – what, three? – (okay) three of my battle for recognition will sooon begin. I have pics of these things in progress too but just not the time to finish anything off. So in the meantime these tales may be submitted to the world in word only, pics to follow if anyone likes them enough to pay me for it…

What I do have is one just finished test piece for one of them, setting up colours etc. Don’t worry, it does have a happy ending but you’ll all have to wait and see how…

Anyway, inevitable rant about Olympics sure to follow soon, so until then – nanoo nanoo.

Fireworks exploding in the distance

Okay, you may – or may not – have noticed a slightly busier TIND (as only I still call it…) recently?

All really because I’ve been trying to put together a more ‘proper’ site and it occured to me that I need to fill it with actual finished drawings and not the usual half-baked imaginings I do here.

Anyway, it’s just about there – still some tweakies to do and some more images to add, but do please check it out:


I am multi-platform! (I think…Ralphie may well correct me on terminology).

And for tomorrow – stay safe peeps. And dry if you can…

Fireworks emulating heaven ’til there are no stars anymore

Quite a nice day. A bit of a busy week of landscape architecturin’ so have had a pleasant afternoon back at the brushes today.

I’ve written a new tale about the sun and the planets and all those things (keeping it small scale edumacational  y’know) but have been struggling for ages with how to draw the darn thing. Very much all about simplicity and not being ‘arty-clever’ is the key.

Think I made a wee breakthrough today, here ’tis…


Why’d they change your face like that?

Ooooh, a prolific day.

So, this is basically why everything takes me so long. You may recall the ‘Baby Sue’ post of a while back? Stupid jokes, rhymes lalala…

Well, I’ve been battling with it and not totally happy for a while which I think comes down to one of the points in my previous post about ‘style’. So, it’s being redrawn in my (soon to be) trademark Quentin Blake rip-off manner…

Anyway, new, and old, versions below. Please shout if anyone thinks the new version is heinously bad… (although I still like the Sex Pistols homage tbh).