if you’re prepared, here’s what I propose to do

Yeah, daily posting!

Anyway, you know when you just think AHHHHHHH! I am an eedjit?

I just put together a submission for an agency that I know are very specific about how and what they’ll consider. Proofed it, prooofed it, prooooooofed it. Sent it.

Looked again – yup, two minor typos. Eedjit. Only very minor, and caused (I believe) by the port from word to aol format but it may just mean I’m binned before I even begin. Penny, if you’re looking at this by any chance – sorry…

Anyway, topical picture post today now the Dark Knight is rocking the suburbs again. If you don’t know which (awesome) original piece of artwork this is lampooning then you need to read more comics. Everyone needs to read more comics anyway.

Yay comics! Made me the man I am today…

and remeber kids – aways spelldcheck.


And I destroyed the map that I carefully dotted

I just figure it must irritate Bats when people are constantly ripping off his horns. I mean, okay, picking on DD a bit – especially as he hasn’t technically ever ‘seen’ Batmans costume as such (leaving aside the technicalities of a DC/Marvel crossover for now) – but really, have some originality guys.

Look at Cap A – cute lil’ wings. Aw…

For all non-geeks out there, I will stop drawing superheroes at some point. I’m actually (on a more ‘serious’ point) feeling like I’ve cracked my ‘style’ with these scribbles so am just running with it for now.

(I did do some paid work inbetween this nonsense by the way. Yay me.)

When constitutions of granite can’t save the planet what’s to become of us?

So, you know I was pondering a Mould and Westerberg series a few posts back?

Turns out Marvel put one together a few years back! It’s rumoured Kirby was scripting, but I haven’t been able to find out too much so far. I have managed to track down some of the (uncredited/unconfirmed) rough sketch art for the cover of the (sadly, never released) first issue. I may come up with some of the finished artwork at some point in the future and will post here, for posterity’s sake…

What did they have against Stipe eh? How could HE ever have irritated anyone…