A very shitty bit of news.

So, this is now becoming my site of woe – only posting in times of bummer.

Anyway, just checked my email to find that Mr G. Downie of the most awesomely awesome Tragically Hip has terminal brain cancer.

Really frickin’ sad.

Just shitty. Anyway, all the best Mr Downie and I very, very much need to be getting tickets for the summer shows.

Really, no words do justice.


The thrill is gone…

So, I never post anymore on my sadly defunct and lonely site. Plus I NEVER get upset by ‘celebrity death’ stuff.

But, just need to say RIP to Mr BB King. My introduction to the blues as a (very) geeky young fellow and a constant ever since.

Never feel sad about these things but, today, genuinely moved.

Bye fella.