I can’t smell a rat when it’s all rat

Anyway, was just reading the Grauniad¬†and came across a sort of grumble with regards EUROVISION! Basically along the lines of, ‘we should stop doing it cos we was robbed cos of all those pesky foreign political votin’ type shenanigans’.

Whilst I accept that there is a sturdy political element to some of the voting, may I posit the theory that we mainly didn’t get many points because the song itself was indisputably awful?

Not hah hah awful in a post-modern, ‘ain’t those foreigners dumb’ British type of jingoistic way. Just bad. Dull and badly sung (by a man clearly too old to hit the requisite notes any longer). I can only assume we deliberately set out to not win as we are collectively broke and wasting masses of cash already on the Oh!Lympics (which is another rant for another time).

I propose that next year we petition the mighty Derek from Milkshake (if you don’t have kids, you may not get this) to sing his awesome counting song – can’t linky¬†to it as I’m at work and it’s (bizarrely) restricted. But – and here’s the killer – adapt it so that the verse repeats (basically counting to ten each time, it’s not sophisticated) IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.


(of course, he may wish to represent Ireland, but we can only hope).

ps. I liked France best, they didn’t do well. But Mrs Grizzly liked Norway. Oh dear…