You just haven’t earned it yet baby

Brief update, I can’t remember how to do the preview book thing. I think that linkie thing in the last post takes you to it though (?????).

Meantime, Morrissey face dooooooodle doods,

I know, really not worth the (cyber) space, but it’s been a long day.


Yer not the ocean, I’m better to watch


Finally got to do some drawings. Yay etc.

Not posting all yet, as I had an idea. Well, I had an idea ages ago and typically didn’t do anything with it as (a) I am a lazy s.o.b. and (b) it isn’t that good an idea and (c) I may get in trouble…

‘Things I draw during meetings’ dot com!

Because I draw during meetings – a lot. And I get busted – a lot. So far people generally quite like seeing what I’m doing as long as I’m chipping in at the right time and am not drawing them (too brutally anyway).


Anyway, here’s a few from this weeks packed schedule of affordable housing design team meetings. Coloured after the event obviously, dragging out a laptop and graphics tablet is stretching tolerance a little too far…